RVBUST VDA (Visual Displacement Analyzer) employs cutting-edge computer vision technologies to monitor and acquire 2D/3D surface profile, displacement, deformation, strain, motion, vibration, velocity, acceleration, as well as other relevant physical quantities with high accuracy in a real-time manner.
Outstanding Performance
High measurement accuracy: The VDA provides unprecedented high measurement accuracy;
for instance, the accuracy can reach 0.01 mm at a working distance of 10 m. Broad working range: With a variety of hardware configurations,
the VDA supports very broad working distances ranging from 0.5 m to 1000 m.
Hyper-accurate Calibration
Robust and flexible calibration: The VDA adopts a cutting-edge technique for hyper-accurate flexible calibration.
In addition, a dual-laser-aided scheme is employed for accurate system calibration at long working distances.
Multiple Working Modes
The VDA supports 2D and 3D measurements in different modes: single point, multiple points, single area, and multiple areas. Both online and offline analysis are supported.
* Bridge health monitoring
* Monitoring of high-speed rail
* Building health monitoring
* Real-time structure motion detection during construction
Rapid Deployment
Optimal engineering design and advanced calibration techniques enable the VDA to be ready for action from carrying case within two minutes.
VDA: Warpage measurement of LCD screen module
VDA: Accuracy comparison experiment
VDA: Vibration monitoring of a bridge
VDA: In-situ monitoring of high-speed rail settlement during construction